What are the definitions of sound?

Sound exists when there is a pressure difference in/on the airís molecular level.

Pressure difference as in wind does not necessary produce sound.

Pressure difference representing sound does not necessary produce wind.

Pressure difference in the form of compression and rare-fraction and propagating is sound.

Propagating pressure does not necessary produce sound. RTA demo

For those who have access to a RTA, please blow through the mic and see for yourself.



  1. Introduction to Acoustics
  2. What are acoustics?
  3. How is sound created?
  4. What are the definitions of sound?
  5. How do sound travel?
  6. What is wavelength?
  7. Is sound a science?
  8. How do sound disperse?
  9. How long for sound to reach us?
  10. Do sound reflect?
  11. How do sound reflect?
  12. Do room volume affects sound?
  13. Do room shape affects sound?
  14. What is sound absorption?
  15. What is sound proof?
  16. How do sound wave summate or negate?
  17. Why do we need to know all these?



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