What is wavelength?

Every frequency is / can be / has a wavelength

Wavelength = speed of sound / frequency

E.g. 100Hz would have a wavelength of  347.3 / 100 = 3.473 meters

10Hz would have 34.73 meters long, this is as long as a house.

1000Hz = 34.73 cm just the size of the ruler, and two times the average human head size.

10,000Hz = 3.47 cm - man this is getting real small, only 3.47cm :(


Imagine how the sound wave will pass through a standing human?

The very low frequency like 10Hz will pass through us as if we do not exist, the 100Hz will still pass through us quite easily as we nearly do not exist, the 1000Hz will be blocked by most of our body and have to resort to "diffraction" = turning to get over our body, at which case the character changes, as well as signal strength. Finally 10,000Hz will nearly always have to pass through us using "diffraction" method only.




  1. Introduction to Acoustics
  2. What are acoustics?
  3. How is sound created?
  4. What are the definitions of sound?
  5. How do sound travel?
  6. What is wavelength?
  7. Is sound a science?
  8. How do sound disperse?
  9. How long for sound to reach us?
  10. Do sound reflect?
  11. How do sound reflect?
  12. Do room volume affects sound?
  13. Do room shape affects sound?
  14. What is sound absorption?
  15. What is sound proof?
  16. How do sound wave summate or negate?
  17. Why do we need to know all these?



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