This is my version of introducing sound using acoustics theory to the readers.

However it is to be stressed that during my 1st year university course, there is an official module named just like this one "Introduction to Acoustics". 

To me, that is the real "Introduction to Acoustics", but it's all fundamental acoustics maths, not immediately understandable without "PRACTISE", further more not very interesting without the lecturer there supervising and assisting in the learning process, how shall I call it? lacking in the human conversation makes learning the real "Introduction to Acoustics" dull and difficult.

Therefore this version is made to suite general public and hope one would take up a true acoustics textbooks and study it. At that time, one will find this presentation is not very basic although it is meant to be.


Textbooks recommendation: -

Fundamental of Acoustics by Kinsler & Frey, Coppens & Sanders. ISBN 0-471-02933-5

Acoustics by Beranek. ISBN 0-88318-494-X

However these two are only the beginning........................ 


  1. Introduction to Acoustics
  2. What are acoustics?
  3. How is sound created?
  4. What are the definitions of sound?
  5. How do sound travel?
  6. What is wavelength?
  7. Is sound a science?
  8. How do sound disperse?
  9. How long for sound to reach us?
  10. Do sound reflect?
  11. How do sound reflect?
  12. Do room volume affects sound?
  13. Do room shape affects sound?
  14. What is sound absorption?
  15. What is sound proof?
  16. How do sound wave summate or negate?
  17. Why do we need to know all these?



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