What is sound absorption?

Sound absorption is when the sound strike the absorbent object and reflect, but the energy of reflection is reduce significantly.

The reduction factor could be from 1% (not effective) to 100% (very effective).

Materials like foams, cloths, soft tissue, pores like walls / material are capable of absorbing sound.

Other items that may absorb sound is a bass trap, which is a very large box depending on dimension and frequency.



  1. Introduction to Acoustics
  2. What are acoustics?
  3. How is sound created?
  4. What are the definitions of sound?
  5. How do sound travel?
  6. What is wavelength?
  7. Is sound a science?
  8. How do sound disperse?
  9. How long for sound to reach us?
  10. Do sound reflect?
  11. How do sound reflect?
  12. Do room volume affects sound?
  13. Do room shape affects sound?
  14. What is sound absorption?
  15. What is sound proof?
  16. How do sound wave summate or negate?
  17. Why do we need to know all these?



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