MLSSA Operation Guide


First, the short cuts to using MLSSA will be introduced and then this report will go through the essentials of SETUP, Calibration and Usage. This guide is by no means complete and only serve as a basic instruction, please refer to MLSSA official manual for detail information. 

Test Setup

An output cable is connected from the MLSSA output plug, the one closest to the multi-pins of the card to an amplifier, MLSSA stimulus output level set to –10dB. The amplifier’s volume turned up accordingly, which is use to drive the test speaker. Another cable from the middle of the three output phono connector is connected to a microphone pre-amplifier with +48volts_DC phantom power supply, which is connected to a measurement microphone.

The microphone should be placed in the middle between the ceiling and floor to maximise reflection delay time. The test speaker should be levelled the same with the mic and the distance between both of them should be 1 meter.


  1. MLSSA Operation Guide
  2. Quick Start
  3. Creating a High Resolution SETUP file
  4. Creating a Reference Frequency Response File
  5. Calibration of Microphone
  6. Proper Usage and not Misuse MLSSA
  7. Hardware and Software Installation Procedure



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