Calibration of Microphone

This is a tricky business. First you need to key in the mic’s output voltage into MLSSA’s mic library, usually in xx mV/p. Then MLSSA will tell you how much mic-preamp gain you need. Find one that can do the job accurately, meaning get one that actually states exactly how many dB gains or else, still no problem because MLSSA knows how to compensate for minor deviation. Haha gotcha.


After you have found a suitable mis-preamp and set the gain correctly. Use a standard mic calibrator 1kHz tone type and calibrate the system. Done.


  1. MLSSA Operation Guide
  2. Quick Start
  3. Creating a High Resolution SETUP file
  4. Creating a Reference Frequency Response File
  5. Calibration of Microphone
  6. Proper Usage and not Misuse MLSSA
  7. Hardware and Software Installation Procedure



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