Hardware & Software Installation Procedure

The following guide is based on a Compaq 5400 series PC.


This paragraph of information is required when changing MLSSA to another computer. IRQ is 5, which is not MLSSA’s default. DMA is 1 and I/O is 03E0-03EF, which is default and needs to be set RESERVED in Windows Control Panel under SYSTEM. These settings must be done in both MLSSA card and MLSSA.INI file. ISA bus writes recovery delay is 50 or else MLSSA software could not detect MLSSA card, the default is 10.


The BIOS in this computer is known as ROMpaq and is able to change some of the devices IRQ, DMA and I/O. If other card is conflicting with MLSSA then this is the only option where can control everything.

ROMpaq can only be accessed using Compaq SETUP diskette. These diskettes can be created from SP8126.EXE, which can be downloaded from Compaq.com


The BIOS is not accessible by pressing F10 under start up because it is not permanently resident in ROMpaq (CMOS). To make it so, the first 2MB of the Harddisk needs to be free. Another utility is needed for this operation. It is SP10926.EXE again downloadable from Compaq.com


After creating a new partition for SETUP the sp8126 diskette package needs to be run again to actually install it. The SP10926.EXE only creates a partition space for it, and then sp8126 diskette package needs to copy itself in it. It is unknown at what stage the harddisk needs to be formatted. Make sure everything is BACKED-UP before proceeding. Or may be does not need to be formatted.


In the BIOS (ROMpaq) many settings can be changed. One particular setting is crucial to the function of MLSSA. It is I/O Delay. Choices of 300ns, 420ns, 540ns and 2600ns. The changes did not show significant improvement in computer performance under Nuts & Bolts Benchmark. However MLSSA.INI “ISA Bus Write Recovery delay” is affected. MLSSA default is 10. This setting works when I/O Delay is 2600ns. When I/O Delay is 300ns, it can reduce to 30, previously 50. Although MLSSA manage to start successfully but measurement initiation failed and had to revert back to 50.



Have fun guys

Report prepared by Fa Cheng CHIN, B.Eng.(Hons)Electroacoustics.


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