In order to understand sound, one needs to approach the questions like the fore fathers of sound, in which case is governed by laws of acoustics and not take any answers provided by today’s textbooks just as is.


Although this website is also spoon feeding, but time is against us. One is strongly urge to acquire more from many textbooks.


A few example of the questions asked by the fore fathers is listed below: -

  1. How is sound created?

  2. How do sound travel?

  3. How loud is loud?

  4. How does the ear work?

  5. How to localize sound?

  6. What do one listen for / to?

  7. How do one listen?

  8. How to differentiate level?

  9. What sound can be heard and what not?

  10. and much much more


  1. The Human Ears

  2. Disclaimer

  3. Questions

  4. How is sound created?

  5. How do sound travel?

  6. How loud is loud?

  7. How does the ear work?

  8. How does the ear work 2?

  9. Hairlike Nerve Died

  10. How to localize sound?

  11. What do we listen for - to?

  12. How do we listen?

  13. How to differentiate level?

  14. What sound can be heard or not?

  15. Regular music frequencies area

  16. Questions and Answers

  17. Example of sound in Frequency Domain

  18. Example of sound in Time Domain

  19. One prove of human listening in Time Domain

  20. Conclusion

  21. A New Thought

  22. Side notes


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