How does the ear work?



1st - Sound strike the "pinna", where it guides the sound into the "ear canal", notice the 3kHz resonance, so watch out for 3kHz sensitivity there. +/- depending on canal dimension....


2nd - The sound strikes the ear drum, from here acoustics energy is converted to mechanical energy, in-efficiency occurs.


3rd - Vibrations from the ear drum is transmitted through the 3 bones, Malleus, Incus, Stapes. These acts as mechanical amplifiers to boost the mechanical signals.


4th - Amplified mechanical movement is sent into the "Oval window". It's a gate to a set of pick-ups. To be continued in the next page.


5th - Semicircular canals is for balancing the body, serves no hearing purpose.


6th - Eustachian tube is used to equalize pressure within the head.

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  7. How does the ear work?

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