What sound can be heard or not?



Please note - the top region, threshold of feeling is also threshold of pain, and ultimately damaging to the ears.


It is advised not to expose oneself to levels over 90dB SPL. Especially if one wish to keep hearing capability up to the age of around 30 and still perform like 20. 


I'm not 40 yet, I don't know, will let you know in 10 years time, if there's still a earth or me or this website?


When subject to loud noises, put on ear plugs and ear defenders. Double protection.


If noise canceling headset is available, use it, like those used by air-craft pilots, fighter jets, tanks etc. Get one like Bose(R) Quite-Comfort(R) Noise Canceling Head-set. Worth every single cen of it. 


But high SPL situation like car-audio SPL competition, where levels are around 170dB SPL at this time of writing have not been tested.


With 146dB SPL in the car, I can't breath properly. With 158dB SPL I think one could suffocate under 5 minutes by locking himself in. Cause I was fighting for my life for breath, even with the windows opened.


Now I can't hear bass. I mean, I would feel extremely un-comfortable when I hear loud bass. I feel like my internal organs in my stomach are moving out of place and fighting with each other. :(


Don't mess with high SPL if one can help it, it carries long term effect, permanent, even due to short exposure time. :(

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