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One possibility why the hair-like nerve dies is because when subjected to loud levels, the hair-like nerve will move a lot and produce stronger electrical voltage to the brain.


I personally suspect there may be a point where the voltage generators overloads due to high demand, or an electrical surge / feedback in the signal chain, which shorted and killed the nerve / hair???




Scary? ÖÖ protect your ears, $$$$ canít buy them.




Do we listen using the ears only?


NO, if the true listening / hearing is in the brain, due to electrical signal from the hair-like nerves, which is caused from movement, then vibrations will also produce signal to the brain.


I.e. unknown to everyone, we also listen using our body, picking vibrations.


I personally suspect, one can train the body hairs to pick-up airís molecular movement. That would be more towards low frequency orientation.

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