Samsung GT-P1000 versus Sanei N79 manufactured by AMPERE

21st April 2013

During actual usage, the out dated under dog P1000 with rom from sites, is so much more fluent, lag free, fast, compared to a much higher spec hardware dual core 1Ghz muscle but lousy implementation of OS from the manufacturer. P1000 used to be as bad when using Samsung's official rom. So pick a rom that doesn't suck all the ram and leaves plenty free is more important than brute power muscle.

I was going to give up P1000 when accidentally dropped on the floor, touchscreen shattered, then I broke the LCD, hence bought N79. Unfortunately the OS is not optimized. Which enlightens me to realize how FIRM & SOLID the OS by the developers from xda are. You guys are great !!!!! XDA P1000. But spare parts from China only ¥45 Chinese Yuen RMB = USD7 including matt protective film, white cover shell USD 8, LCD flat wire USD 1.6, LCD by BOE USD 27.

Verdict = keeping P1000 for a good long time !!!! Even the new P3100 does not have flash light. Ohhhh as of writing P1000 running 4.2.2, which is the last version. A kernel 3.0 is also available, 485MB free ram, amazing developers !!!! credits goes to them.

Samsung should be a shame of themselves not support so many models. I'm never going to buy another Samsung. Going back to HTC next time.

Left is P1000 versus right is N79.

    versus    (SANEI) N79 7\" IPS Screen Android 4.0 4GB Qualcomm Dual-core 3G Tablet Phone w/ GPS Bluetooth WiFi Dual Cameras L-149044


Top is P1000 versus bottom N79 (ram allocations)

Above is P1000 versus bottom N79 (ram allocations)

Notice P1000 occupies 315MB but still allows 133MB free ram. While the N79 occupies 291MB but already left with puny 50MB, hence whatever N79 tries to do, it is always struggling, slow. i.e. try counting a lot of numbers but without sufficient draft papers for working in between. That's because P1000 using rom has 446 free ram. Sorry I don't have a screen capture of the N79, but it was something puny like 341MB there about. A whole 100MB difference.

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