My Mechanic's Car Audio

1st January 2004 - report written and upload

True event circle around middle 2002

After Filtering

Ah Leong also have all the necessary active filters to my minimum requirement for a proper loudspeaker system setup. The external active filter (electronic crossover) is further mixed with the built-in amplifier's active filter to create a band-pass filter for the mid. What a lucky bastard :)

My god! look at how clean is the response now. The woofer is literally void of all its fluctuation and purely concentrated on lows only. Good! However the peaky nature of the woofer will make it a too fearsome monster :(

Then the mid. It is high-passed at 100Hz using 24dB/oct then amplifier's built-in low-pass at 600Hz using 12dB/oct. The cone breakup is successfully suppressed. However cone breakup are monstrous and in reality may not be so easily tamed.

Finally the tweeter high-pass at 950Hz using 12dB/oct.

An individual comparison of before and after will be shown page by page.


  1. My Mechanic's Car Audio
  2. Before Filtering
  3. After Filtering
  4. All Loudspeaker Sum
  5. Active Filter's Combined Phase Response
  6. Kicker Sonic Woofer 12" Square
  7. DLS 6.5" Midrange model MS6 from Component Set
  8. DLS Tweeter from Component Set with Mid model MS6
  9. DLS Tweeter High Pass Example
  10. Right Real
  11. Right Real smoothed at 1-3 octave
  12. Right Real smoothed at 1-6 octave
  13. 1-6 octave versus 1-3 octave
  14. Mid Flip Phase - Right
  15. Mid Flip Phase - Left
  16. Woofer in Car
  17. Bad Passive 1
  18. Bad Passive 2
  19. Right Mid only example
  20. The end - Aftermath


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