My Mechanic's Car Audio

1st January 2004 - report written and upload

True event circle around middle 2002

DLS Tweeter High-Pass Example

  1. Green color curve - high-pass using 12dB/oct at 950Hz
  2. Red color curve - high-pass using 12dB/oct at 850Hz
  3. Yellow color curve - high-pass using 12dB/oct at 750Hz
  4. Light blue color curve - high-pass using 12dB/oct at 650Hz

All of the filters shows that it is protecting the tweeter effectively. Because all of the respective filtered curve are still higher in all frequencies but lower in levels compared to the purple color un filtered curve.

But I am doubtful of this simulation...................

Best make some reservation and apply other theory, which from the looks of this graph suggest a crossover frequency of around 1kHz.


  1. My Mechanic's Car Audio
  2. Before Filtering
  3. After Filtering
  4. All Loudspeaker Sum
  5. Active Filter's Combined Phase Response
  6. Kicker Sonic Woofer 12" Square
  7. DLS 6.5" Midrange model MS6 from Component Set
  8. DLS Tweeter from Component Set with Mid model MS6
  9. DLS Tweeter High Pass Example
  10. Right Real
  11. Right Real smoothed at 1-3 octave
  12. Right Real smoothed at 1-6 octave
  13. 1-6 octave versus 1-3 octave
  14. Mid Flip Phase - Right
  15. Mid Flip Phase - Left
  16. Woofer in Car
  17. Bad Passive 1
  18. Bad Passive 2
  19. Right Mid only example
  20. The end - Aftermath


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