Horn Loudspeaker

21st December 2003

Basic Study - Page 10 - Consistency

Since the compression driver assembly is removed and re-assembled many times, during which some error or wrong force applied to all those tiny sensitive soft voice coil, metallic dome etc, placement of voice coil may also not be centered......therefore another series of measurement taken to ascertain the sound quality consistency of the compression driver.

  1. Yellow is driver 1 before
  2. Green is driver 2 before
  3. Red is driver 1 after
  4. Blue is driver 2 after


  1. Horn Loudspeaker
  2. Compression Driver
  3. Frequency Response
  4. Reverse Rubber Process
  5. Reverse Rubber Results
  6. Double Rubber
  7. Tape Mouth
  8. EQ
  9. Horn On
  10. Consistency
  11. Actual Output Locations
  12. Actual Output Results
  13. Different Horn Shape
  14. Different Horn Shape Results
  15. Phase Plug



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