Horn Loudspeaker

21st December 2003

Basic Study - Page 11 - Actual Output Locations

The complete horn's output will also be studied.

It is known that the acoustical energy output out of the mouth is irregular, not only the frequency response is different, but at various angle of output is also very different.

  1. Red = mic placed at middle of horn mouth inwards
  2. Yellow = mic placed at middle of horn mouth 5 cm away
  3. Blue = mic placed at close end of horn mouth 5 cm away
  4. Purple = mic placed at far end of horn mouth 10 cm away

This is Inside Middle

Then Middle out 5 cm - It looks like further away, but is actually frontal further, not side way further.

Close end 5 cm - This time can actually see it is out / side wards

Finally Far end 10 cm

These results are not 100% reliable type. Because they include interference from the nearby environment, or the complete room even. However it's results serve an extremely good demonstration of horn's directional differences.

A proper anechoic chamber is required. Else time windowing the measurement is critical. However they are not carried out. In order to apply time window technique a cleaner / less obstructive environment is required.


  1. Horn Loudspeaker
  2. Compression Driver
  3. Frequency Response
  4. Reverse Rubber Process
  5. Reverse Rubber Results
  6. Double Rubber
  7. Tape Mouth
  8. EQ
  9. Horn On
  10. Consistency
  11. Actual Output Locations
  12. Actual Output Results
  13. Different Horn Shape
  14. Different Horn Shape Results
  15. Phase Plug



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