Horn Loudspeaker

21st December 2003

Basic Study - Page 5 - Reverse Rubber Results

  1. Yellow is original
  2. Blue is Reverse position the rubber

Notice the overall sensitivity level is dropped. This must be caused by the voice coil position off-set.

The lost of low freuqency is NOT evident in this case because the voice coil position off-set is more significant in this case.

Lost of high frequency is prominent. This trade off is not acceptable - at this level. Must be due to the voice coil position error.

The dip at 3.2kHz -25dB is probably due to the front chamber phase canceling with the phase plug.

Notice the the yellow curve from 5kHz to 20kHz - traced and retarded into the blue curve from 3.5kHz to 20kHz. This is due to the phase plug effect. Phase plug are put in to further extend compression driver's frequency range. Please remember to see Phase Plug later on.

However it is known that the total sound output is not the compression driver alone therefore a further study coupled with the horn will be required in the future.


  1. Horn Loudspeaker
  2. Compression Driver
  3. Frequency Response
  4. Reverse Rubber Process
  5. Reverse Rubber Results
  6. Double Rubber
  7. Tape Mouth
  8. EQ
  9. Horn On
  10. Consistency
  11. Actual Output Locations
  12. Actual Output Results
  13. Different Horn Shape
  14. Different Horn Shape Results
  15. Phase Plug



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