Horn Loudspeaker

21st December 2003

Basic Study - Page 9 - Horn On

So back to original, lets see how does the complete horn look like

  1. Yellow is original
  2. Green is complete horn product, which is compression driver coupled with horn.

Hahahaha, better than expected. Guess the EQ process will have to start here, instead of compression driver alone because if EQ the compression driver 1st then couple the horn it becomes: -



  1. Horn Loudspeaker
  2. Compression Driver
  3. Frequency Response
  4. Reverse Rubber Process
  5. Reverse Rubber Results
  6. Double Rubber
  7. Tape Mouth
  8. EQ
  9. Horn On
  10. Consistency
  11. Actual Output Locations
  12. Actual Output Results
  13. Different Horn Shape
  14. Different Horn Shape Results
  15. Phase Plug



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