Horn Loudspeaker in Car

1st January 2003 - report written and upload

True event around April 2003

EQ Attempt 2

Please compare this graph with the previous one. This response is unfortunately still high radical, nothing will be done to it as it oppose the loudspeaker's natural behaviour. However this overall response is not more even or balance from mid to highs as oppose to previous. Strangely it does not sound fantastic at all.

The only improvement is sound are more real than before, but not as good as conventional tweeters.

There are also more sounds than before. i.e. some sounds in the recording can be easily heard instead of disappeared.

Still it is very uncomfortable, some weird feeling exists. This is highly suspected at the massive EQ used. Something like plenty of phase anomalies causing the sound to be...... weird. Please see 

At the end, it is discarded. No EQ is the best. Most unobtrusive.

Nearly forgot to mention. Only cutting the EQ method is used. This is to preserve electronics headroom as well as loudspeakers' headroom. The the overall level increase from as front the signal stage as possible.

Since +3dB = double the power, or quadruple the voltage. So watch out.

Using LMS to EQ is also an extremely difficult process because LMS is not real time. But the details it provide is far more superior to standard RTA. One can see allot of movement on allot of tiny sensitive places. Good.

If not mistaken approximately 100 LMS sweep used to EQ, but discard at the end after several days of listening or was it a week or two??? heheh forgot sorry.


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