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Part 1 - Tweeter Selection


Step 8 - At that time under my arsenal of used and my father's unsold stock of speakers, I had Bostwick's family of: -

  1. SD-04 = Blue (winner) [old, obsolete)

  2. SD-14 = Green (old, obsolete)

  3. HFT-1 = Purple

  4. tweeter from SYS52 = Red

  5. tweeter from WS-650T = Yellow

SD-04 starting around 1.5kHz just about meet our requirement. If the tweeter can start at 1kHz even better. 

In fact the the tweeter can start around 500Hz, I would be the happiest man on earth. Imaging nearly all the sound comes from the dash top..................WoW just thinking about it makes me HiGh....

Now that we know we managed to cover from 1.5kHz to 20kHz mostly within +/- 2dB with a total variance of not more than 4dB except around 13kHz and 19kHz, we set out to look for a mid-range that can continue from 1.5kHz all the way down as low as possible.

One thing to note, the SD-04 response is spiky all over the place and the worst thing is the transition is "sudden". I afraid this tweeter will sound "harsh" and not pleasant.

But this is the most "balance" tweeter that we have, that would allow us to hear nearly all the sound from the CD, and add to the fact that there are no other tweeters that come close, there this will have to do for now.

Until my friend invest on another better tweeter that is ;)


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