Jwo Shong's Car Audio


Part 2 - Mid-range Selection

Step 9 - Under my arsenal of mid-ranges, I have.

  1. Bostwick 5HD4
  2. Bostwick 525B (old, obsolete)
  3. Bostwick 6HD4
  4. Bostwick 6.5" from WS-650T
  5. Bostwick another 5HD4

My friend is so lucky, 5HD4 appears to have very flat response from 100Hz to around 700Hz. Although it is slowly going and climbing into it's "cone break-up" frequency at 2kHz, it is subjective to engineers' future cut-off choice and decision to manipulate this speaker, under applicable techniques and law that would not damage it's sound quality at all. 

Please note that all frequencies near and above "cone break-up" frequencies cannot be used because it is un-predictable and makes life extremely difficult for an engineer. Unless the engineer / boss is cutting corners.

Now we set out to find a woofer to cover everything under 100Hz.


  1. Jwo Shong's Car Audio

  2. Tweeter Selection

  3. Mid-range Selection

  4. Woofer Selection

  5. Export LMS & Import into LEAP

  6. Electronic Crossover Selection

  7. Audio Crossovers' Simulation

  8. Audio Crossovers' Error

  9. Audio Crossovers' Optimization

  10. Reality Bites

  11. Finale



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