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Part 3 - Woofer Selection

Step 10 - Finally under my arsenal of woofers: -

  1. Bostwick BPP-65 (dual 6.5" band-pass box)
  2. Bostwick BPP-8 (dual 8" band-pass box)

BPP-65 appears to have very smooth curve transition compared to BPP-8 which has a spike. Although it is only 6.5" but that is my choice as it would sound the most "natural" to itself. 

Spike, fluctuations often means the speaker is fighting something, and the sound would be harsh and not pleasant.

Hahaha, true to the graph, both my friend and I prefer the sound of BPP-65, it appeared more sweat than the spiky 8".

This doesn't mean all 8" sound bad, no, not at all, we are merely referring to the curve. I'm sure if we change the port length and trumpet the port mouth, it will automatically improves it.

But today is to help my friend, not improve the box :)


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