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Part 8 - Audio Crossovers' Optimization

Step 19 - What? they are not canceling each other now? what have I done?

I flipped the tweeter's speaker cable + - into - + and reversed them 180 degrees.

According to audio crossovers' theory every time when there is a cross-over, there will be "phase shift" therefore it is necessary to select the cross-over in advance where they can "null" each other.

Again please don't think by simply hooking up speakers correctly, you'll get good results. You need to do "ALL" the homework before you can start doing  anything constructively with predictable results forward and backward.

But is this what we truly hear?


  1. Jwo Shong's Car Audio

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  3. Mid-range Selection

  4. Woofer Selection

  5. Export LMS & Import into LEAP

  6. Electronic Crossover Selection

  7. Audio Crossovers' Simulation

  8. Audio Crossovers' Error

  9. Audio Crossovers' Optimization

  10. Reality Bites

  11. Finale



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