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Part 9 - Reality Bites


Step 20 - No, the "part of" real sound that we hear is: -



Notice, what a perfectly designed system as shown in previous pages, has become?


This is "Acoustics", where sound in "space", due to "reflections" at different "time" of "angle of incident" cancel out one another, be it now, before, or after - the wave has been released.........


and the source(s) wave disperse in 360 degrees in 3D form, what scientist call 4πSpace.


and reflections bounds from all 360 degrees of origin "numerous" times to reach the ear with the direct sound


all at time, before, now and after..................


This is a "natural" phenomenon and cannot be "forced" to change. One can play "Tai-Chi" to avoid it, reduce it, but we can never run forever.


Acoustics are after all, Law of Physics and Law of Physics are after all Law of the Universe. We cannot fight them.


But is this the sound we hear?




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