Jwo Shong's Car Audio


Part 10 - Finale


No more steps............last page of Jwo Shong's ICE in his Proton Satria 1.3 GL.


Don't forget, we have TWO ears, with sound coming from TWO sides, actually a minimum of 5 different locations.


All to BOTH ears, NEARLY at the same time, but not exactly..............


Before I forget, we should measure each individual speaker after filtering to make sure that the cut-off frequency is spot-on and not biased due to frequency printing positions on the electronic-cross-over may not be accurate. This also serves as a measure-proof technique to know if the e-x-over is operating correctly.


Using the measure-proof technique, one can also find out, if the crossovers' phase cancellation really occur. Some times, due to distance difference between tweeter, mid-range and woofer to microphone, they do not cancel out.


Or that the filter slope response did not conform to the original specifications and changed form, which affect if they would null each other or not.


All of this needs to be measure-proof to optimum effect.




  1. Jwo Shong's Car Audio

  2. Tweeter Selection

  3. Mid-range Selection

  4. Woofer Selection

  5. Export LMS & Import into LEAP

  6. Electronic Crossover Selection

  7. Audio Crossovers' Simulation

  8. Audio Crossovers' Error

  9. Audio Crossovers' Optimization

  10. Reality Bites

  11. Finale



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