Voice Coil & Former

Zooming in on the voice coil part reveals the "former" is made using aluminum because it is light weight, heat conductive and cost effective. The circular tube Itself  gives an overall very rigid form. Thank goodness the circular form is in harmony with the magnet's flux field.

Imagine it was square in shape. I wonder how would the magnet's flux interact with a square coil?

Ever wonder why woofers looks like woofers? Why can't a woofer look like a dome, instead of a cone? Was the initial design made by a genius or was it merely by chance some 100 years ago?

Anyway, lets move on.


  1. Loudspeaker

  2. Signal Path

  3. Anatomy

  4. Voice Coil

  5. Sound Representation on Scientific Terms

  6. 3D movement of 13.8Hz

  7. 2D movement 13.7Hz

  8. But no speaker is perfect

  9. Because of Cone Break-up

  10. Radiation is frequency dependent

  11. Radiation Field

  12. Therefore no speaker has flat frequency response

  13. Why do we need flat frequency response?



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