Why do we need flat frequency response?


Well, I pretty much explained it in Flat Frequency Response in case you haven't read it. 


Another example of how to use loudspeakers properly can be found in Jwo Shong's Car Audio


To rap up this topic "Loudspeaker", now you know a loudspeaker is an extremely fragile and un-perfect product with many problems of it's own. So...... errrr don't buy Hi-Fi ???


Natural way has to be invented / found to overcome the many obstacles by GOD to achieve audio nirvana. Perhaps it is the very nature of non-perfect that makes it good??? nah, we know this is not true. heheheheh


Anyway, most of the video seen here are simulations using Finite Element Analysis technique, which I do not know really. 


I just use the software, punch in the numbers, simulate, Oooppppsss the results don't look right, re-study the parameters / settings, learn the mistake if any (always there is / are), change the parameters / setting (using educated guess - it's still a guess to a studying student :) always a guess :)  ) then re-simulate. Until the correct results is obtain :) hehehhhe


Anyway, the results here are.... secret.......they serve the purpose to explain the topic.


Another highly powerful mathematical crazy technique is Boundary Element Method / Analysis.


Interested parties should make some advance search on the internet about FEA or BEA. These are used in nearly all engineering industry, like aeroplanes, engines, gases, oil, water, heat, metal, plastic, ..... you name it. There is nothing it cannot calculate or estimate. 



  1. Loudspeaker

  2. Signal Path

  3. Anatomy

  4. Voice Coil

  5. Sound Representation on Scientific Terms

  6. 3D movement of 13.8Hz

  7. 2D movement 13.7Hz

  8. But no speaker is perfect

  9. Because of Cone Break-up

  10. Radiation is frequency dependent

  11. Radiation Field

  12. Therefore no speaker has flat frequency response

  13. Why do we need flat frequency response?



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