Midrange surgicalled to centralize the Bl(x)

2nd August 2016

Objective of this write up is not to provide a singular straight-forward best answer.

First it shows the use of known good rules/solution/setup (proven from textbooks), but to more importantly demonstrate which/when/how to use what investigative method to achieve a proper good setup. (It's more of a diary for myself)

Finally without the break and fail due to disobeying the fundamental laws of physics (in this case mostly acoustics) and not forgetting standard rules of practice in basic attention to electronics, etc.

Consider this a super quick demonstration, can't even label this a short cut nor qualify as a crash course, because if you know you know. Else a lot of text book foundations required to explain the things done and unfortunately is out of this scope.


24th March 2016

The Midrange is

www.klippel.de thanks to Klippel today, we are all going after central, least even harmonic distortions, improved intermodulation distortions previous not quantifiable, but today we can see it and correct it.

Upon measurement, sure enough the Bl(x) is offset, (all of them are!!! especiall more than 10 years old, got it for free!!! remember) then I surgicalled it and improved to the right side curve.


It sounds slightly cleaner, but definitely more controlled and accurate image, considered it's torque curve are more balance inwards and outwards. If not enough torque or imbalance torque then imbalance sine wave reproduction.


All improvements come with trade-off and sacrifices, Kms(x) is slightly tilted towards outwards, but not much at all. Hopefully after it reenters the loudspeaker seal box the tightness of the air pressure changes it's behaviour to center??? may be I shouldn't be lazy and got to carry the floor-stander into factory to measure it. ........ may be not..... hahahhahaha



A lot more will be coming, stay tuned.


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  10. Midrange surgicalled to centralize the Bl(x)
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