Close of Chapter 1

2nd August 2016

Objective of this write up is not to provide a singular straight-forward best answer.

First it shows the use of known good rules/solution/setup (proven from textbooks), but to more importantly demonstrate which/when/how to use what investigative method to achieve a proper good setup. (It's more of a diary for myself)

Finally without the break and fail due to disobeying the fundamental laws of physics (in this case mostly acoustics) and not forgetting standard rules of practice in basic attention to electronics, etc.

Consider this a super quick demonstration, can't even label this a short cut nor qualify as a crash course, because if you know you know. Else a lot of text book foundations required to explain the things done and unfortunately is out of this scope.


13th Mach 2016

One of the 5.25" is finally removed, after custom making a 5.25" cover, which was oversized, hence unable to sink perfectly flat. Will be sorted later. The removal of 2nd 5.25" makes the singular 5.25" very very clean indeed, good sound. The bottom tweeter is no longer used and left there to keep the box sealed, will be sorted later again.

Finally the placement setup till now, notice the equal distance of both loudspeaker to the table surface, integrating desktop tower as one. Both left and right has now 100% equal time of 1st reflection, >90% same surface area, desktop tower protruding a little extra. That QNAP NAS will need to be removed if critical sound is sought after, but I'm only gaming.

Oh, forgot to mention, speaker cables are used from CAT-5E network cables, it's natural twisting is perfect to imitate Kimber Kable oooooppppppsssss.


The amplifier's are within hands reach so that immediate adjustment can be made when switching from game to movie to music to internet TV news, etc etc etc. All the sources have varying tonal difference. Perfect setup that the amplifiers are in the drawers.


Is it the end here? NO!!!


Why? for what to carry on? Answer = so that I can repeat it back to Malaysia in larger living room to attain even deeper sound field, wider sound stage. All the work here in Hong Kong is preparation for the future ultimate implementation and execution.



A lot more will be coming, stay tuned, but may be a long long time from now.



  1. My 1st proper Hi-Fi in Hong Kong home
  2. Get rid of the passive filter
  3. Initial placement with computer, etc
  4. Full Digital Path Audio
  5. Loudspeakers' Frequency Response
  6. Tweeter at Listening Height
  7. Pop Up Tweeter
  8. Pop Up Tweeter Placement
  9. Pop Up Tweeter 2
  10. Midrange surgicalled to centralize the Bl(x)
  11. Close of Chapter 1



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