Initial placement with computer, etc

2nd August 2016

Objective of this write up is not to provide a singular straight-forward best answer.

First it shows the use of known good rules/solution/setup (proven from textbooks), but to more importantly demonstrate which/when/how to use what investigative method to achieve a proper good setup. (It's more of a diary for myself)

Finally without the break and fail due to disobeying the fundamental laws of physics (in this case mostly acoustics) and not forgetting standard rules of practice in basic attention to electronics, etc.

Consider this a super quick demonstration, can't even label this a short cut nor qualify as a crash course, because if you know you know. Else a lot of text book foundations required to explain the things done and unfortunately is out of this scope.



16th October 2015 placement has been decided for PC games primarily, WITHOUT acoustics space behind the loudspeaker is a significant unfortunate, causes lost of depth of field.

Desktop tower forces monitor to be off-set left due to leg space, the old 5.1 subwoofer raised from the floor to make room for large floor-stander. Left channel will be digital delayed, hope it passed, but immediate listening test found unacceptable tonal difference to the right side, even after setting levels and what lot. Anyway, its asking for trouble to begin with, now that re-experience it again (versus many years ago) just makes the fun of going through the journey another triumph.

Then change to below, Loudspeaker is tilted up, because the tweeter is so low below listening level. Leg room was restored, subwoofer returned to previous position and desktop tower sticking up high blocking the right speakers, more trouble :( Notice bottom woofers are facing inside. 3 basic amplifier added just to have some sound. Active filter is implemented within foobar2000. Initial crossover frequency is set according to educated guessed bandpass woofer 40Hz to 100Hz, bandpass midrange 100Hz to 1kHz, finally tweeter highpass 1kHz, all 12dB/oct. Sound is not impressive (obviously) tweeter's crossover frequency seem too low felt there's a gap, future to solve. Tweeter's sound's felt harsh......

Loudspeaker has been toed in for this exact picture taking as listening position, not the PC sitting.


A lot more will be coming, stay tuned.


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