Tweeter at Listening Height

2nd August 2016

Objective of this write up is not to provide a singular straight-forward best answer.

First it shows the use of known good rules/solution/setup (proven from textbooks), but to more importantly demonstrate which/when/how to use what investigative method to achieve a proper good setup. (It's more of a diary for myself)

Finally without the break and fail due to disobeying the fundamental laws of physics (in this case mostly acoustics) and not forgetting standard rules of practice in basic attention to electronics, etc.

Consider this a super quick demonstration, can't even label this a short cut nor qualify as a crash course, because if you know you know. Else a lot of text book foundations required to explain the things done and unfortunately is out of this scope.


18th January 2016

It is SOOOOOO IMPORTANT and SIGNIFICANT to STRESS that tweeter must be at listening height. Since the tweeter is sandwiched before two 5.25", hence there's no choice but to raise the entire loudspeaker some two feet above ground.

Behold............... unorthodox solution. Beats whatever auto EQ solution, no DSP will match acoustics purity.

Today, this is the first time this setup is worth listening to. That's why all previous pages didn't even mention much about perceived quality. So? what's the verdict??? highly suspicious that tweeter needs upgrade and the 5.25" needs a lot of work. It's no Hi-Fi at this stage. But surprisingly it give solid stereo imaging, while playing PC games or watching movies, the left and right loudspeaker as if disappeared for the most part. Surprised surprised.

Bass and LF was imbalance due to rear wall vs no rear wall condition, hence the 8" woofer direction reversed to face outwards.

Monitor has shift to middle of the table. Another law of physics obeyed in order to achieve and attain more natural signal path, both in source in electronic in digital and most important in acoustics flight path. This way no delay no EQ required.

Notice left loudspeaker is off-set away form table to match right's distance. Again obeying laws of physics (acoustics is king, don't mess with it, disobey and Borg will come look for you "resistance is futile").


Reminder of tweeter's position sandwiched between two 5.25" Bad setup, will be attended to later. You can bet on it.



A lot more will be coming, stay tuned.


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