My Car Audio

1st January 2004 - report written and upload

True event 3rd Febuary 2003 - wow can't believe one year away :P hehe


Messing with the setup: -

Allan came to play play: -

Trying to match the Pre-amps' output left and right signals: -

Which needs to open the cover and access into two potentioresistor. The gains are independent on left and right :(

The dam active filters also independent. :( arrgggghhh so hard to match :(


To see the sound output report, please see: -

  1. Horn Loudspeaker
  2. Horn Loudspeaker in Car


But I met with a small accident soon after :( and everything is taken out since............


Aiiiiiiiiii, lonely driver, nevermind. Sound man got no sound!!!!!! hahahhahaah

Last night some friends came over for chit chat about engines modifications and I got scold saying Acoustics Engineer use cheap plak Ringgit Malaysia (RM)10 computer speakers. Alamak, why recently so many comment :( hahahahaha


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